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Base Station Settings

The appearances and the available setting items
differ depending on the LocationFree device
connected to the Base Station. This section
explains the settings by using a computer
installed with LocationFree Player (LFA-PC20).
Opening the [Base
Station Settings]
The [Base Station Settings] page is accessed and
set from your web browser. You can make more
detailed settings, such as changing a wireless
LAN encryption key, in the [Base Station
Settings] page.
Before making settings
Check to be sure that the Base Station is powered
After you turn the Base Station on, it takes a while for
a DHCP server to assign an IP address to the Base
Station. Your Base Station does not appear in the Base
Station list until the DHCP server assigns an IP address
to the Base Station. Wait until the NETWORK LED
lights, and then proceed to Step 1.
• You cannot open the [Base Station Settings] page via
the Internet.
• At the time of purchase, you can open the [Base
Station Settings] page with a device which has a
private IP address only.
of the Base Station you want to set
in the list.
The procedure to start the LocationFree
Player depends on the device. For more
details, refer to the Operating Instructions of
the device.
Click [Base Station Settings].
[Base Station Settings]
Your web browser starts and the [Base
Station Settings] page opens.


Table of Contents



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