Installation - Electrolux LXB1SE11W0 User Manual

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conditions in household appliances,
such as temperature, vibration,
humidity, or are intended to signal
information about the operational
status of the appliance. They are not
intended to be used in other
applications and are not suitable for
household room illumination.
2.5 Care and cleaning
Risk of injury or damage to
the appliance.
• Before maintenance, deactivate the
appliance and disconnect the mains
plug from the mains socket.
• This appliance contains hydrocarbons
in the cooling unit. Only a qualified
person must do the maintenance and
the recharging of the unit.
• Regularly examine the drain of the
appliance and if necessary, clean it. If
the drain is blocked, defrosted water
collects in the bottom of the
2.6 Service
• To repair the appliance contact the
Authorised Service Centre. Use
original spare parts only.
• Please note that self-repair or non-
professional repair can have safety
consequences and might void the
• The following spare parts will be
available for 7 years after the model


Refer to Safety chapters.
has been discontinued: thermostats,
temperature sensors, printed circuit
boards, light sources, door handles,
door hinges, trays and baskets.
Please note that some of these spare
parts are only available to
professional repairers, and that not all
spare parts are relevant for all
• Door gaskets will be available for 10
years after the model has been
2.7 Disposal
Risk of injury or suffocation.
• Disconnect the appliance from the
mains supply.
• Cut off the mains cable and discard it.
• Remove the door to prevent children
and pets to be closed inside of the
• The refrigerant circuit and the
insulation materials of this appliance
are ozone-friendly.
• The insulation foam contains
flammable gas. Contact your
municipal authority for information on
how to discard the appliance
• Do not cause damage to the part of
the cooling unit that is near the heat


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents