CyberHome DVR 1200MU Operation Manual: Password; Change Password; Parental Control

Dvd recorder & player with progressive scan video playback.
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Changing Setup Options
TV Shape (Aspect Ratio)
Adjust this setting according to your television's display
By default, this option is set for normal TVs with 4:3
aspect ratio. Unless you're sure you have a
WIDESCREEN TV, do not change this setting. The 4:3
Letter Box setting is meant to enable the "Letterbox"
view on DVDs that contain both Letterbox and Pan/Scan
versions.If you are using a wide screen TV, set this
option to 16:9 to match the aspect ratio of your TV.
4:3 Pan Scan
Scan Mode
Normal TVs scan only in "interlaced" mode, because the
odd and even lines are interlaced together in alternate
scans. Progressive Scan is a scanning method offered
on high-end TVs that support High Definition. If you
don't know if your TV supports High Definition, leave this
in its default setting (Interlace).
Adjust this setting according to your television's display
Interlace - Standard mode (default).
P-Scan - Progressive Scan mode.
Brightness, Contrast & Saturation
Adjust these settings according to your preference. Use
/ keys to adjust.
These are the Setup features for your recorder's disc
and parental control functions. Press SETUP and
navigate using the


Turn this feature On to password-protect the parental
limits on your unit. Select Off to disable this feature.
Change Password
You can setup your own User Password to use in
addition to the built-in Factory Password, and then
change this value at any time. This is useful to give
another party temporary access to the parental control
The first time you define a New password, enter the
factory password, 1369, in the Current field - the
4:3 Letterbox
factory password is not changed. After you have
defined a New password, you would enter that value
in this field. *If you forget the value of your user
password later, you can always use the factory
password to change the value.
After completing the entry in the Current field, the
New field will be highlighted.
Use the NUMBER keys to enter your new user
password using a maximum of 4 digits.
After completing the entry in the New field, the
CONFIRM field will be highlighted.
Use the NUMBER keys to enter your new user
password using a maximum of 4 digits.
The OK selection will be selected, press ENTER to
Remember to keep in mind that since the MASTER
PASSWORD is listed above, your player may not be
secure if this manual is accessible by your children.
Setup Menu
Security Note
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