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Oven - Care And Cleaning - Frigidaire FNGD60JGR User Manual


Table of Contents
Refer to Safety chapters.
Notes on cleaning
• Clean the front of the appliance with a
soft cloth with warm water and a
cleaning agent.
• To clean metal surfaces, use a usual
cleaning agent.
• Clean the appliance interior after each
use. Fat accumulation or other food
remains may result in a fire.
• Clean stubborn dirt with a special oven
• Clean all accessories after each use and
let them dry. Use a soft cloth with warm
water and a cleaning agent.
• If you have nonstick accessories, do not
clean them using aggressive agents,
sharp-edged objects or a dishwasher. It
can cause damage to the nonstick
Stainless steel or aluminium
Clean the oven door with a wet
sponge only. Dry it with a soft cloth.
Do not use steel wool, acids or
abrasive materials as they can
damage the oven surface. Clean the
oven control panel with the same
Catalytic cleaning
Do not clean the catalytic surface with
oven sprays, abrasive cleaning
agents, soap or other cleaning agents.
This will damage the catalytic surface.


Spots or discolouration of the catalytic
surface have no effect on catalytic
Keep children away when you clean
the oven at a high temperature. The
oven surface becomes very hot and
there is a risk of burns.
Before activating the catalytic cleaning
remove all the accessories from the
The walls with a catalytic coating are self-
cleaning. They absorb fat which collects on
the walls while the appliance operates.
To support the self-cleaning procedure,
heat the empty oven on a regular basis.
1. Clean the oven floor with warm water
and washing up liquid, then dry it.
2. Set the oven temperature to 250 °C and
let the oven operate for 1 hour.
3. When the appliance is cool, clean it with
a soft and moist sponge.
Cleaning the oven door
The oven door has two panels of glass
installed one behind the other. To make the
cleaning easier remove the oven door.
The oven door can close if you try to
remove the internal panel of glass
when the door is still assembled.
Do not lose the screws.
1. Open the door fully and hold the two
door hinges.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents