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Miele T 8822 C Quick Start Manual page 6


Woollens handcare
Fabric type
Low temperature
Fabric type
Extra dry, Normal, Hand iron, Machine iron
Fabric type
Automatic plus
Normal, Hand iron
Fabric type
Normal, Hand iron
Fabric type
Low temperature
* Weight of dry laundry
Woollen fabrics.
– This programme only fluffs up woollen garments. They are
not dried completely by this programme.
– Remove garments as soon as the programme has finished
and leave to finish drying at room temperature.
Low temperature cannot be deselected.
For drying microfibre fabrics, ski wear, fine, closeweave
cotton garments (poplin) or tablecloths which are suitable for
drying in a tumble dryer and have been treated to provide a
water and dirt resistant finish.
– This programme contains an extra fixing phase for
– Only use proofing agents which are stated by the
manufacturer as being "suitable for use on membrane
textiles" as these contain fluorochemical compounds.
– Do not dry items which have been treated with
proofing agents containing paraffin. Fire hazard!
Tougher fabrics with the care label q suitable for the Cottons
Reduced programme duration.
Mixed loads of garments suitable for the Cottons and
Minimum iron programmes. Sort according to colour.
Denim garments, e.g. trousers, jackets, skirts or shirts.
Low temperature (select this option for delicate fabrics with
the r symbol on the care label).
Max. load: 2 kg*
Max. load: 2.5 kg*
Max. load: 3.5 kg*
Max. load: 5 kg*
Max. load: 3 kg*



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