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Brief Instructions - Miele T 8822 C Quick Start Manual


Brief instructions

A Prepare the laundry
Make sure that objects e.g.
detergent dispensing balls have
been removed from the laundry.
^ Sort the laundry (e.g. according to
the drying level required, the type of
fibre or weave).
Pay attention to the manufacturers'
information on the care labels:
s Do not tumble dry.
r Reduced temperature:
Select Low temperature.
q Normal/higher temperature.
B Switch on the tumble dryer with
the jk button.
C Load the tumble dryer.
^ Press the Door button and open the
^ Load the laundry loosely into the
^ Close the door.
Check the laundry is right inside the
drum so that it cannot get trapped or
damaged when the door is shut.
D Turn the programme selector.
– The relevant indicator light will come
– Indicator lights for drying levels or
Extra options and times may also be
Programmes with drying levels
^ Press the button repeatedly until the
relevant indicator light comes on
(with almost all programmes).
Cool air/Warm air programmes
^ Press the Delay start button
repeatedly until the required duration
appears in the display.
– Cool air: 20 minutes up to i hour.
– Warm air: i5 minutes up to 2 hours.



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