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Maintenance - Toshiba RAV-SM404MUT-E Owner's Manual

Toshiba compact 4-way type split type air conditioners
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Compact 4-way Type


Cleaning the air filter and other parts of the air filter involves dangerous work in high places, so be sure
to have a qualified installer or qualified service person to do it.
Do not attempt it by yourself.
After the cooling or dry auto (cooling) operation has finished, the dry operation is performed and the fan
starts running. When cleaning the unit, stop the drying operation forcibly and turn off the circuit breaker
to avoid electric shock.
Cleaning air filters
Clogged air filters will reduce the cooling and heating performance.
(1) If "
" is displayed on the remote controller, clean the air filters.
(2) When the cleaning of air filters has been completed, push
" disappears.
When the unit willl not be used for a long time
1. Perform the fan operation for a couple of hours to dry inside.
2. Press
on the remote controller to stop running, and turn off the circuit breaker.
3. Clean the air filters and reinstall them.
Before the cooling season
Clean the drain pan
• Contact the dealer where you purchased the product.
(Drain does not work if the drain pan or vent is clogged. In some cases the drain may overflow and wet the wall or floor. Be
sure to clean the drain pan before the cooling season.)
Owner's Manual
Compact 4-way Type
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Check periodically
• If the unit is used for a long time, parts may deteriorate and cause malfunction or bad drainage of dehumidified water
depending on the heat, humidity, or dust.
• In addition to the usual maintenance, it is recommended that you have the unit checked and maintained by the dealer where
you purchased it.
For environmental conservation, it is strongly recommended that the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner in
use be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure efficient operation of the air conditioner.
When the air conditioner is operated for a long time, periodic maintenance (once a year) is recommended.
Furthermore, regularly check the outdoor unit for rust and scratches, and remove them or apply rustproof treatment, if
As a general rule, when an indoor unit is operated for 8 hours or more daily, clean the indoor unit and outdoor unit at
least once every 3 months. Ask a professional for this cleaning / maintenance work.
Such maintenance can extend the life of the product though it involves the owner's expense.
Failure to clean the indoor and outdoor units regularly will result in poor performance, freezing, water leakage, and even
compressor failure.
Maintenance List
Indoor / outdoor
Heat exchanger
Dust / dirt clogging, scratches
Fan motor
Indoor / outdoor
Dust / dirt, breakage
• Vibration, balance
• Dust / dirt, appearance
Air intake / discharge
Indoor / outdoor
Dust / dirt, scratches
Dust / dirt clogging, drain
Drain pan
Ornamental panel,
Dust / dirt, scratches
• Rust, peeling of insulator
• Peeling / lift of coat
Check (visual / auditory)
Wash the heat exchanger when it is clogged.
Take appropriate measures when abnormal sound
is generated.
• Wash the filter with water when it is contaminated.
• Replace it when it is damaged.
• Replace the fan when vibration or balance is
• Brush or wash the fan when it is contaminated.
Fix or replace them when they are deformed or
Clean the drain pan and check the downward slope
for smooth drainage.
Wash them when they are contaminated or apply
repair coating.
Apply repair coating.
Owner's Manual


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