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Self Clean Mode - Toshiba RAV-SM404MUT-E Owner's Manual

Toshiba compact 4-way type split type air conditioners
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Compact 4-way Type
buttons, to adjust the power saving mode setting.
• Each push of the button changes the power level by 1 % within the range from 100 % to 50 %.
• The factory default is 75 %.
button to complete the setting.
• When other electric appliances are used at the same time, to avoid triggering the circuit breaker, power saving mode is
recommended. Of course power saving mode can be used to save energy as well.
• Power saving mode consumes less energy, but may not heat / cool the room as much as normal mode. (The maximum
current is limited to approximately 75 % (factory default) of the normal mode.)
• To adjust the power-save settings, see "To configure the power saving mode settings" in Power Saving Mode.
• Even when operation start / stop, operation mode change, or power reset is performed during the power saving mode, the
power saving mode is retained until the next operation.
Owner's Manual
Setting of power level in
power saving mode
Compact 4-way Type

Self Clean Mode

This function is provided to dry the inside of the indoor unit by the FAN operation after running the cooling
/ dry / AUTO (cooling) mode to keep the indoor unit clean.
• The self clean time varies with the cooling / dry / Auto (cooling) operation time as follows.
Cooling / dry / Auto (cooling) operation time
Less than 10 minutes
10 minutes to less than 1 hour
More than 1 hour
• "
" is displayed on the remote controller during self clean operation.
To stop self clean forcibly, push
• The fan continues to run even after
This is normal because the self clean mode is in progress.
• The louvers open slightly and are directed horizontally during self clean, and they close when the self clean is
• The operation lamp (LED) does not light during the self clean mode (function).
• The self clean mode (function) cannot clean the room or remove the already existing mold and dust inside the indoor
• To cancel the self clean function, consult the dealer.
– 10 –
self clean time
No self clean operation
1 hour
2 hours
button twice in succession.
button is pushed to stop operation in some modes.
Owner's Manual


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