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Functions; Menu Structure; Function Group Display - Siemens SITRANS F TRANSMAG 2 Operating Instructions Manual

Electromagnetic flometers
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Menu structure

Operation is based on a hierarchically structured operating concept, i.e. all functions/
parameters are grouped logically and carry a menu code.
The first (top) level is the main menu. You can select one of the following function groups:
1. Display
2. Diagnosis
3. Measuring functions
4. Device inputs and outputs
5. Identification
6. Service
The individual functions and parameters for further groups are combined under these main

Function Group Display

The main display (multi display) appears after restarting the transmitter.
Display parameters (Menu item 1.1)
Within the menu you have the following display or setting options:
• Language, menu item 1.1.1
• Line 1, menu item 1.1.2 (definition of measured value)
• Line 2, menu item 1.1.3 (definition of measured value)
• Display of flow value, menu item 1.1.4 (only for line 2)
• Illumination, menu item 1.1.5 (display test)
Multi display (menu item 1.2)
Simultaneous display of two measuring variables
Flow (menu item 1.3)
Display of current flow
TRANSMAG 2 with MAG 911/E
Operating Instructions, 03/2021, A5E00102775-AC



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