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Care And Cleaning - Electrolux IK2670BNR User Manual

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Table of Contents
Type of food
Leftovers with meat
6.6 Hints for fresh food
• Good temperature setting that
ensures preservation of fresh food is
a temperature less than or equal to
Higher temperature setting inside the
appliance may lead to shorter shelf
life of food.
• Cover the food with packaging to
preserve its freshness and aroma.
• Always use closed containers for
liquids and for food, to avoid flavours
or odours in the compartment.
• To avoid the cross-contamination
between cooked and raw food, cover
the cooked food and separate it from
the raw one.
• It is recommended to defrost the food
inside the fridge.
• Do not insert hot food inside the
appliance. Make sure it has cooled
down at room temperature before
inserting it.
• To prevent food waste the new stock
of food should always be placed
behind the old one.
6.7 Hints for food refrigeration
• Fresh food compartment is the one
marked (on the rating plate) with


Refer to Safety chapters.
7.1 Cleaning the interior
Before using the appliance for the first
time, the interior and all internal
• Meat (all types): wrap in a suitable
packaging and place it on the glass
shelf above the vegetable drawer.
Store meat for at most 1-2 days.
• Fruit and vegetables: clean thoroughly
(eliminate the soil) and place in a
special drawer (vegetable drawer).
• It is advisable not to keep the exotic
fruits like bananas, mangos, papayas
etc. in the refrigerator.
• Vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes,
onions, and garlic should not be kept
in the refrigerator.
• Butter and cheese: place in an airtight
container or wrap in an aluminium foil
or a polythene bag to exclude as
much air as possible.
• Bottles: close them with a cap and
place them on the door bottle shelf, or
(if available) on the bottle rack.
• In order to accelerate cooling down of
the goods, it is advisable to turn on
the fan. The activation of
DYNAMICAIR allows greater
homogenization of internal
• Always refer to the expiry date of the
products to know how long to keep
accessories should be washed with
lukewarm water and some neutral soap
to remove the typical smell of a brand-
new product, then dried thoroughly.
Shelf life (months)
9 - 12
6 - 12
4 - 6
6 - 9
1 - 2
1 - 2
2 - 3



Table of Contents

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