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Brother PE-600II User Manual Page 223

Embroidery machine.
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If the thread breakage sensor in
the thread tension disc of the
thread tension knobs cannot
Although the
detect that the thread is being
thread is not
fed, even if the machine is
broken, a broken
running, a broken thread error
thread error
occurs and the machine is
occurs and the
stopped. If the thread came out
machine stops.
of the thread tension disc, even
though the thread is not broken,
the machine detects that the
thread is not being fed and stops.
The needle is dull.
There are needle
cuts or holes in
the garment.
The fabric is too delicate.
The thread tension is too tight.
The framing tension of the fabric
There is
is incorrect.
puckering in the
The column stitches are too
The needle is dull.
The design density is too heavy.
The LCD cannot
The LCD contrast is incorrect.
be read.
This machine is equipped with a thread detecting mechanism. If the machine is not threaded
with the upper thread, the machine will not operate correctly, even if the start/stop button is
pressed after unlocking the machine.
If the machine suddenly stops:
- Turn off the machine, and unplug the power cord.
- Restart the machine with the correct operating procedure. Refer to page 20.
Probable Cause
Correctly pass the thread
through the thread tension disc.
If the broken thread error occurs
after the machine is rethreaded,
the sensor may be damaged.
Consult your nearest authorized
Replace the needle. Dull
needles have a difficult time
passing through the garment,
causing fabrics to tear.
The simple penetration of the
needle could damage delicate
fabrics. Use stabilizer on top of
Adjust the tension according to
the type of fabric and thread
being used. Polyester thread will
stretch during sewing especially
if the tensions are set too high.
After the stitching is complete,
the thread returns to its original
strength, causing puckers in the
Tightly frame non-stretchable,
woven fabrics. Loose framing
will cause the fabric to bunch
up under the stitching.
Tautly frame soft knits using a
stable backing. Overstretching
the garment will cause it to look
puckered when the frame is
Re-digitize the design with fill
stitching or with multiple rows
of column stitching.
Dull needles push fabric down
and damage material. Replace
the needle.
Too many stitches in an area
pull fabric, causing it to pucker.
Slightly decrease the design
density by 5% to 10%.
Adjust the contrast on the LCD.
Reference Page
p.15, 63
p.15, 63



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