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Safety Information; Installation Procedure - Nokia HA-0236G-A Product Manual

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5.5 Safety information

5.6 Installation procedure

Read the following safety information before installing the unit.
Danger 1 —
cause serious physical harm or death. Always use insulated
tools and follow proper safety precautions when connecting or
disconnecting power circuits.
Danger 2 —
have no live voltages present on feed lines or terminals. Use a
voltmeter to measure for voltage before proceeding.
Danger 3 —
connecting the enclosure to the utilities.
Caution —
Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can damage the unit.
Note 1 —
that may be applicable to this installation.
Note 2 —
The device must be installed by qualified service personnel.
Indoor units must be installed with cables that are suitably
rated and listed for indoor use.
See the detailed specifications in the
data sheet
Use this procedure to install a HA-0236G-A extender.
Nokia WiFi HA-0236G-A Extender Product Guide
Hazardous electrical voltages and currents can
Make sure all sources of power are turned off and
Always contact the local utility company before
Keep indoor devices out of direct sunlight.
Observe the local and national laws and regulations
Observe the following:
for the temperature ranges for these devices.
HA-0236G-A extender
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents