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Preface; Scope; Audience; Required Knowledge - Nokia HA-0236G-A Product Manual

Home broadband wi-fi extender


Table of Contents
Nokia WiFi HA-0236G-A Extender Product Guide

1 Preface

1.1 Scope

1.2 Audience

1.3 Required knowledge

1.4 Acronyms and initialisms

1.5 Assistance and ordering phone numbers

Issue 01
This preface provides general information about the documentation set for
HA-0236G-A extender equipment.
This documentation set provides information about safety, features and functionality,
ordering, hardware installation and maintenance, and software installation
procedures for the current release.
This documentation set is intended for planners, administrators, operators, and
maintenance personnel involved in installing, upgrading, or maintaining the devices.
The reader must be familiar with general telecommunications and networking
The expansions and optional descriptions of most acronyms and initialisms appear
in the Glossary (3FE 47157 AAAA TCZZA).
Nokia provides global technical support through regional call centers. Phone
numbers for the regional call centers are available at the following URL: If this link does not work, copy and paste it directly into
your web browser.
For ordering information, contact your Nokia sales representative.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents