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End-Of-Life Collection And Treatment; Figure 2 Recycling/Take Back/Disposal Of Product Symbol - Nokia HA-0236G-A Product Manual

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End-of-life collection and treatment

Electronic products bearing or referencing the symbol shown in Figure 2, when put
on the market within the European Union (EU), shall be collected and treated at the
end of their useful life, in compliance with applicable EU and local legislation. They
shall not be disposed of as part of unsorted municipal waste. Due to materials that
may be contained in the product, such as heavy metals or batteries, the environment
and human health may be negatively impacted as a result of inappropriate disposal.
In the European Union, a solid bar under the symbol for
Note —
a crossed-out wheeled bin indicates that the product was put on
the market after 13 August 2005.
About mark is used in compliance to European Union WEEE Directive (2012/19/EU).
There can be different requirements for collection and treatment in different member
states of the European Union.
In compliance with legal requirements and contractual agreements, where
applicable, Nokia will offer to provide for the collection and treatment of Nokia
products bearing the logo shown in Figure 2, at the end of their useful life, or products
displaced by Nokia equipment offers. For information regarding take-back of
equipment by Nokia, or for more information regarding the requirements for
recycling/disposal of product, contact your Nokia account manager or Nokia take
back support at
Recycling/take back/disposal of product symbol
Figure 2
Nokia WiFi HA-0236G-A Extender Product Guide
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents