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Warning; Tips On Dehumidification - Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E100AR-H Instruction Manual

2 types of laundry mode independent air purifying function bathroom mildew guard


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Grasp the plug and remove
from the power socket.
When removing the plug from
the power socket, do not pull
on it diagonally or by the cord as this
may cause the projections/wiring to be
damaged resulting in a short circuit,
electric shock or fire.
Switch the unit off and
unplug from the power
source when cleaning it.
When the unit is on, the
internal fan rotates at high speeds
and may cause injury.
Unplug the unit from the power
source when not using the unit
for an extended period of time.
Otherwise it may cause fire and/
or electric shock caused by an
electric leak.
When draining water continuously
or left unattended for long periods,
inspect the unit every two weeks.
When the filter or hose is clogged
with foreign materials or dirt, the
dehumidification operation is
disabled and may cause leakage.
When using the continuous
drainage outlet, make sure to
position the hose so that the
water drains without obstruction.
The water in the tank may leak and
damage surrounding objects.
Use the unit with caution in rooms
where the walls, furniture and art
work are vulnerable to dry air, as
it may cause cracks and warping.


z Keep the unit always in an upright
Inclining the unit may cause water in the tank
to leak into the unit, resulting in malfunction.
Should you incline the unit accidentally, contact
the place of purchase for advice.

Tips on Dehumidification

Drain the water tank before use.
Close the door and windows during operation.
Drying laundry
• Remove water from the laundry.
• Pull to remove any wrinkles on the laundry.
• Use swinging louvre to blow air to the laundry.
• Keep enough space between the laundry to allow air to
pass through.
In winter, drying becomes easier if you also
use a heater to raise the room temperature to
approximately 16°C or more.
z Drying times will vary depending on the type of
the laundry and the room temperature. The low
temperature may double the drying time of normal
temperature. (Low temperature means approx. 10°C
while normal temperature means above 20°C.)
z The strong airflow is blown from the top right point of the unit.
Installing your dehumidifier
Make sure to leave some
space around the unit to
ensure good results.
Operating noise
Place the unit on top of a mat. This reduces vibration and
noise. It also prevents leaving depressions on carpets.
z Do not carry or store the unit
This may result in
malfunctions. Such
malfunctions are NOT
covered under warranty.
At least 50 cm
At least
At least
20 cm
20 cm
At least
20 cm
At least 20 cm


Table of Contents

Table of Contents