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Mounting And Installation - Siemens RDF870KN Series Manual

Touch screen flush-mounted pm2.5 & iaq controllers with knx or rs485 modbus
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See the product documentation for information on engineering, selection and sizing connect-
ing cables for supply voltage and field devices.

Mounting and installation

Mount the room controller on a conduit box. Do not mount on a wall in niches or between
bookshelves, behind curtains, above or near heat sources, wind outlets or inlets, and do not
expose to direct solar radiation. Mount about 1.5 m above the floor.
Do not apply excessive force to screws! Deformation of the mounting frame may result in
improper connections and faulty operation.
Mount the room controller in a clean, dry indoor place without direct airflow from a heat-
ing/cooling device, not exposed to drips or splash water.
Before removing the front cover, disconnect the power supply.
No internal line protection for supply lines to external consumers
Risk of fire and injury due to short-circuits
Adapt the line diameters as per local regulations to the rated value of the installed fuse.
See Operating Instruction for the installation instructions enclosed with room controller.
Comply with local regulations to wire, protect and earth the room controller.
The device has no internal fuse for supply lines to fan and actuators. To avoid risk of fire
and injury due to short-circuits, the AC 230 V mains supply line must have a circuit
breaker with a rated current of no more than 10 A.
The wiring cross section used for power supply (L, N) and 230 V outputs (Qxx - N) must
be adapted to the preceding overload protection elements (max. 10 A) under all circum-
stances. Always comply with local regulations.
Properly size the cables to the room controller and valve actuators for AC 230 V mains
Cables of SELV inputs X1-M / X2-M: Use cables with min. 230 V insulation, as the con-
duit box carries AC 230 V mains voltage.
Inputs X1-M or X2-M of different units (e.g. temperature sensor) may be connected in
parallel with an external switch. Consider overall maximum contact sensing current for
switch rating.
KNX communication cables (input CE+ / CE-): Use cables with Min. 230 V insulation, as
the conduit box carries AC 230 V mains voltage. (Only for RDF870KN)
When a KNX bus power supply is connected on the line with communicating room con-
troller and Synco controllers, the internal KNX power supply of the Synco controllers
must be switched off. (Only for RDF870KN)
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