Environmentally Friendly Washing; Energy And Water Consumption; Detergent Consumption - Miele WXI 860 WCS Operating And Installation Instructions

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Environmentally friendly washing

Energy and water consumption

- Make use of the maximum load of
the respective wash program.
The energy and water consumption
will then be the lowest in relation to
the size of the load.
- When smaller amounts of laundry are
washed, the washing machine's
automatic load control system will
reduce the amount of water and
energy used.
- Use the Express program for small,
lightly soiled loads.
- Modern detergents make it possible
to wash at lower temperatures. Using
the corresponding temperature
settings will save energy.
- Washing at low temperatures and/or
using liquid detergents can cause
bacteria and odors to build up in the
washing machine. Miele therefore
recommends cleaning the washing
machine once every month.
The washing machine provides you
with a reminder with the message
Sanitize info: Run the "Sanitize" or "Clean
Machine" program
in the display.

Detergent consumption

- Use the TwinDos system for exact
- Adjust the dosage to the level of
soiling of the laundry.
- Do not exceed the amounts of
detergent recommended on the
- Only use high efficiency detergent
with the following label:
When drying with a tumble
Select the highest possible spin speed
for the wash program to save energy in
the subsequent tumble dryer cycle.


Table of Contents

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