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How To Use; Control Panel - Black & Decker DLX900 Use And Care Book Manual

12-cup coffeemaker
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Table of Contents
Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
1. Water window with cup level markings (not shown)
2. Water reservoir with flip up lid
† 3. Brew basket (Part# DLX850-01 (W), Part# DLX850B-01 (B))
† 4 Carafe lid (Part# DLX850-02 (W), Part# DLX850B-02 (B))
† 5 12-Cup/60 oz. 1800 ml) carafe (Part# GC850 (W), Part# GCB850 (B))
6. "Keep Hot" plate

7. Control panel

†Consumer replaceable/removable parts
1. HOUR button
2. MIN button
3. PROG button
4. PM indicator light
5. Digital clock/timer display
6. AUTO button
7. OFF button
8. ON button
9. ON indicator light
10. AUTO indicator light
(not shown)

How to Use

This product is for household use only.
1. Remove all stickers, packing material, and literature.
2. Wash the carafe, carafe lid and brew basket in warm sudsy water—rinse thoroughly.
These parts are also top rack, dishwasher safe.
Cycle the unit once with water to help remove any sediment.
1. Open lid and pour cold water into water reservoir up to the
12-cup level mark on the water window (A). Do not overfill.
2. Close the reservoir lid.
3. Insert brew basket pivoting hinge into brew basket holder (B).
4. Place a standard paper filter into the brew basket (do not add
coffee grounds).
5. Grasp brew basket by small handle and use it to swing the brew
basket closed (C).
6. Plug in the coffeemaker.
7. Place the carafe and carafe lid into coffeemaker and press the
ON button.
8. When cycle is finished, turn the coffeemaker off and discard
used filter and the water from the carafe.
You do not have to set the clock or program the coffeemaker to brew coffee.
1. Open water reservoir lid.
2. Use the carafe to fill the water reservoir with cold water. Watch water window for the
desired level. Close the reservoir lid.
3. Grasp brew basket by small handle and swing open (D). Insert
a standard paper filter into the brew basket, add ground coffee
into filter (we recommend one heaping tablespoon for every
two cups).
4. Grasp small handle and swing the brew basket closed see C.
5. Place the carafe into the coffeemaker.
6. Plug in the coffeemaker.
7. Press the ON button, the light comes on, or for delayed brewing see "SETTING THE
8. Replace the carafe on the "Keep Hot" plate when not serving to keep coffee hot.
Important: Do not swing open brew basket while brewing.
9. The coffeemaker shuts off automatically after 2 hours, or you may press the "OFF" button
to instantly turn off the coffeemaker. At any time prior to auto shut off, pressing the "OFF"
button and then the "ON" button will reset the auto-off mode to 2 hours.


Table of Contents

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