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Sony dash HID-B7 Quick Start Manual page 2

Information alarm clock
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Thank you for choosing the dash™ Information Alarm Clock.
Please understand the overview of dash.
Alarm & Weather
Simply glance to check time and weather
Free App
You can download more than 1,000 free
Apps and enjoy each function.
You need to register your dash to
download Apps.
Music & Photo
You can enjoy a variety of internet radio
and photo on the internet.
You can customize the contents your dash
shows and set channel according to your
Parts and Controls
Checking Supplied
dash Information Alarm Clock
(HID-B70/B7) (1)
Cord Holder (HID-B70 only) (1)
 (on/standby)
AC Power Adaptor (1)
Quick Start Guide (1)
VOL (Volume)
Important Information Guide (1)
+/– Buttons
Limited Warranty Card (1)
End User License Agreement (1)
USB Port
The dash (HID-B70 only) has a built-
in battery that allows you to move
Headphone Jack
it from one room in your home to
another without turning off the
power. The battery power lasts long
enough for you to plug it into a
power source at the new location.
The screen orientation
RESET Button
automatically flips when
your dash is moved to
* To put your dash into the
the horizontal position.
DC IN Jack
standby mode, hold the
Tap the touchscreen with your
 (on/standby) button
fingertip to control it.
until the screen turns off.
Initial Setup
To set up your dash, you need a wireless network connected
Press the  (on/standby) button
to the Internet.
to turn on your dash.
If your access point supports WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), you can set up the wireless
Watch the tutorial video played
network connection using WPS.
back automatically.
If the access point does not support WPS, you need to know your access point SSID
(network name) and passphrase (security key) to set up the wireless network connection.
Follow the instruction on the
screen to perform the calibration.
Connect your dash to an AC
Select your zone from the cities
outlet using the supplied AC
power adaptor.
Follow the steps on the screen
to connect your dash to your
wireless network.
If your access point supports WPS,
you can use WPS to set up the
Cord Holder
DC IN jack
wireless network connection.
(HID-B70 only)
If the access point does not
AC adaptor
support WPS, select your network
To an AC outlet
by its SSID, and enter the required
A wall socket should be as close as possible to your dash and easily accessible.
Do not use the AC Adaptor placed in a narrow space, such as between a wall and
Initial Setup (continued)
Set a question that must be
answered correctly to prevent
You can also register your dash from the following website.
your dash settings from being
changed by other people.
Follow the steps on the screen to
Now the setup of your dash is complete.
register your dash.
Select the theme you want to
On the reverse side of this Quick Start Guide, you can see how to use alarms
display from the list.
or add apps.
For more detailed information or tips on advanced use of your dash, visit the
online help guide.
Themes determine the background,
layout, and features of the HOME
screen. You can select a different
theme at any time.
Once connected, you may be
prompted to undergo a software
update. It is recommended that you
accept the update. The initial update
may take from 10 to 30 minutes,
depending on your network
FAQ, Registration, and Support
Helpful Hints and
Note on Disposing of your dash
Registration and Support
Before disposing of your dash or
You can also register your device
transferring it to somebody else,
from a computer.
If you are unable to establish a
make sure to unregister the dash
To register your device, visit:
reliable connection to your wireless
network, please check the following
To unregister your dash, press
For further assistance and FAQs visit:
the MENU/SNOOZE button to
Check to make sure the wireless
router is ON.
display the command bar, and tap
MENU - System - Device info, and
Check to make sure the wireless
or call Sony at the following number:
then tap Unregister on the screen
router is connected to the Internet.
For customers in the U.S.A.:
Check to make sure the network
settings are correct.
Check to make sure your dash
is located near the router so it
receives a strong wireless signal.
Screen images are simulated.
Product appearance may vary slightly from the images shown.
Sony, Personal Space, dash, the dash logo, and the Sony make.believe logo are
trademarks of Sony Corporation.
All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.
©2011 Sony Corporation Printed in China



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