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Ip camera controller
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2 Introduction


Thank you for purchasing this Canon IP camera controller. This instruction manual covers the operation of the CR-G100
IP Camera Controller and how to use the web setup tool to set up a robotic camera system. For the latest information
about this product, please visit your local Canon website.
About the use of networks
It is assumed that this product will be used over a private network, separate from the Internet.
The instructions in this document assume you already have a correctly configured and working network
and correctly configured network device(s). If necessary, refer to the documentation provided with the
network devices you plan to use.
Configuring network settings requires adequate knowledge about configuring and using wired (Ethernet)
networks. Canon cannot provide support regarding network configurations.
 Conventions Used in this Document
Information and precautions that is important you follow.
: Additional information you should know.
 A :
Reference page number.
 "Camera head" refers to the CR-S700R Robotic Camera Head unit.
 "IP controller" refers to the CR-G100 IP Camera Controller.
 "Underslung position" is the installation position where the base unit is located on top.
 Photos/diagrams in this manual show a prototype version of the product. The actual final product may differ due to
product enhancement.
 The web setup tool's user interface (setup screens and messages) is English only. Some screenshots may have been
altered to make them easier to read.
 Names of products and companies mentioned in this manual may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their
respective companies.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents