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Ip camera controller
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4 Configuration
 Menu
Click [
] to open a menu where you can log out from the IP controller, change system settings and perform various
maintenance operations.
Menu item
[Log out]
[Change password]
[Set IP address]
[Update firmware]
[Power Control]
[Eyepiece camera],
[Wide view camera],
[Extension Port]
[Command], [Log]
[Restore Factory Settings]
[Download FW Log]
[Download Web Log]
[License information]
Setting options and additional information
Log out from the IP controller.
Change the password used to log in to the IP controller (A 14).
Set the IP controller's IP address, subnet mask and default gateway
(A 15).
Update the IP controller's firmware (A 25).
On, Off
Turn on/off the power to the main capture camera, eyepiece camera, wide
view camera and extension USB port, respectively.
Reserved for system maintenance.
Restarts the IP controller.
Resets all the IP controller's setting to their initial values.
Saves a copy of the IP controller's firmware log for maintenance purposes.
Saves a copy of the IP controller's web services log for maintenance
Displays license information about third-party software used in the IP
controller's firmware.
Menu Settings and Operations


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents