Changing The Main Capture Camera's Shooting Settings; Checking The Main Capture Camera's Autofocus And Shutter Operation - Canon CR-G100 Instruction Manual

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4 Configuration
 Changing the Main Capture Camera's Shooting Settings
Depending on the main capture camera used, you will be able to change some shooting settings such as AF mode,
shooting mode, shutter speed, aperture value and exposure compensation. Available values will vary depending on the
camera used.
 Checking the Main Capture Camera's Autofocus and Shutter Operation
The main capture camera can be controlled through 3 interface cables (N3 remote, USB, and camera head interface). To
transfer the recorded files to an FTP server, configure the FTP transfer settings on the FTP server and camera in advance.
Select the desired control interface from the shutter release
mode pulldown menu: [N3] (N3 Remote), [USB] or [Head]
(camera head interface).
Click [Autofocus] to focus automatically if necessary.
 The autofocus operation stops after about 3 seconds.
Click the capture button to release the shutter.
 The photo is recorded on the card. If the FTP transfer function was
correctly configured, the image file is transferred also to the FTP
 When the release mode is set to [N3] or [Head], the shutter cannot
be released while the autofocus operation is in progress.
Using the Camera Remote application CR-A100 you can check the image recorded on the card.
When the release mode is set to [N3], if it is difficult to focus (for example, due to incorrect exposure settings,
etc.), the shutter may not be released when you click the capture button. In such case, click and hold the
capture button.
Checking the Operation of the Main Capture Camera
Shutter release mode
Capture button


Table of Contents

Table of Contents