Using Camera Head Preset Positions; Registering A Preset Position; Moving The Camera Head To A Preset Position; Checking The Operation Of The Main Capture Camera - Canon CR-G100 Instruction Manual

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4 Configuration

Using Camera Head Preset Positions

You can register a set of pan, tilt, roll and zoom positions as a preset position in advance and easily move the camera
head to the preset position later on.
Preset position list
Move to preset position
Register as preset position
 Registering a Preset Position
You can register up to 5 preset camera head positions (sets of pan, tilt, roll and zoom positions).
Adjust the camera head to the desired pan, tilt, roll and zoom positions.
Select a preset position from the pulldown menu and click [Set].
 The current positions on all axes are saved as the selected preset position.
 Moving the Camera Head to a Preset Position
Select a preset position from the pulldown menu and click [Go].
 The camera head will move on all axes to the positions stored in the preset position file.

Checking the Operation of the Main Capture Camera

Launch the web setup tool on the control PC to check the system's operation and configure the necessary settings.
When using the Camera Remote application for a shooting session, launch also the Camera Remote application to check
its correct operation in advance.
When using the system without a camera head: Refer to
 Checking the Image from Connected Cameras
The live view image from the main capture camera is shown in the live view display area and is refreshed once per
The image from the wide view camera and eyepiece camera cannot be checked with the web setup tool.
Use the Windows default Camera app or other software to check the image from these cameras. If the
image from the eyepiece camera is unclear, you can adjust the main capture camera's viewfinder's diopter
while checking the eyepiece camera's image on the Camera Remote application.
Connection/Installation Checklist
Using Camera Head Preset Positions
(A 32).


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