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Sony FIU-810 Puppy Instruction Manual Page 18

Fingerprint identification unit.
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1. Make sure that a User Name registered in Account Manager is displayed in the [User
Name] box. If not, choose a user name from the drop down list.
2. Choose an authentication method from the drop down list.
[Fingerprint] Fingerprint Authentication only. Fingerprints must be registered.
[Password] Password Authentication only. A password must be registered.
[Fingerprint AND Password] Fingerprint and password Authentication. Both
fingerprint(s) and a Puppy password must be registered and [AND] set as the
authentication method.
3. Enter your Puppy password if the authentication method is either [Password] or
[Fingerprint AND Password] and click [OK]. If the authentication method is either
[Fingerprint] or [Fingerprint AND Password], go to step 4. If it is [Password], skip to step
4. Open the shutter and place your finger fully on the sensor. If the verification succeeds,
the "Verification succeeded" message will appear and you will be logged on to Windows.
5. If the verification failed, the "Verification Failed" message will appear and the [Windows
Logon] dialog box will appear again. Try once again from step 1.
If you fail to enter your password correctly 3 times, a "Puppy has been locked" message will appear.
If this is the case, unlock the Puppy unit by disconnecting and reconnecting it.
Windows Logon: Password Changes, Editing / Deleting Accounts from Account Manager
Password Changes:
Automated password changes are not affected by the Puppy Suite™ software. If your network
settings require a password change periodically, you will still need to manually change the
password. However, if you change your Windows password when prompted at logon or via the
[Ctrl-Alt-Del] menu, your password in Account Manager (and the PUPPY unit) will be updated.
Training Your Puppy® Unit
Figure 1: Puppy Suite Personal Windows Logon Screen
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