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Introduction - Sony Clie Gear PEGA-MSB1 Operating Instructions Manual

Bluetooth module
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This product is a Bluetooth communication module for Sony Personal
Entertainment Organizer (mentioned as CLIÉ handheld after this) of
the OS version 4.0 or later. Inserting this unit in your CLIÉ handheld
allows you to perform wireless communication easily without the
need to connect the CLIÉ handheld to a Bluetooth enabled personal
computer, cellular phone, modem, or LAN access point (mentioned as
Bluetooth compatible devices after this) with a cable.
PEGA-MSB1 has the following features.
• Bluetooth support enables wireless communication within a range of
about 10 meters. (The actual range will vary depending on factors
such as obstacles between devices, magnetic fields around a
microwave oven, static electricity, interference, radio wave
conditions, reception sensitivity or antenna's performance, and
operating system or software application, etc).
• The security function prevents communication with unauthorized
Bluetooth compatible devices.
Bluetooth compatible devices that can be used with
For information on the Bluetooth compatible devices, check our
official Sony CLIÉ Web site:
Customers in USA, Canada and Mexico:
Customers in Asia-Pacific Countries:
• This Bluetooth Module is a stick-type module only for the CLIÉ handheld of
OS Ver. 4.0 or later. Do not insert this Bluetooth Module in the memory stick
slot of other devices. It will cause a malfunction of this Bluetooth Module and
other devices.
• Since a part of the operations of the device is not compatible with the jog assist
function of CLIÉ handheld, you cannot perform these operations with the Jog
Dial navigator of your CLIÉ handheld.


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