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Precautions On Use - Sony Clie Gear PEGA-MSB1 Operating Instructions Manual

Bluetooth module
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Precautions on Use

Handling this Bluetooth Module
• Do not subject this unit to excessive shock, and take care not to drop
it to prevent a malfunction.
• Do not use or store this unit in locations subject to:
- extremely high temperature, such as in direct sunlight or near a
- excessive dust
- high humidity
- vibrations
- poor ventilation
It may cause a malfunction.
• Do not use this unit in a shaky, unstable place.
• Do not put a metal object such as a metal clip etc. inside this unit.
• When inserting this unit in the CLIÉ handheld, take care not to force
it in the wrong way. It may cause a malfunction.
• Do not remove this unit from the CLIÉ handheld while the POWER
indicator is on. Before removing it, make sure that the POWER
indicator is off.
• The CLIÉ handheld in which this unit inserted and a Bluetooth
compatible device may operate incorrectly depending on how they
are placed.
Condensation is a phenomenon that moisture in the air becomes
water drops when it contacts a metal plate etc. Condensation may
occur on the surface or inside of this Bluetooth Module on occasions
when you quickly move it from a cold place to a warm place, when
you turn on the heater in the room on a cold, winter morning. Using
this Bluetooth Module with condensation on it may cause a
malfunction. If condensation occurs on this Bluetooth Module, leave it
without turning on the power of the CLIÉ handheld until the
condensation disappears.


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