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Sony Clie Gear PEGA-MSB1 Operating Instructions Manual Page 42

Bluetooth module.
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Internet Connection problems
Communication is not
You cannot access the
Radio wave conditions or telephone circuit
conditions may not be good. Check the bars
showing the reception field intensity on the
cellular phone. If a minimum of two bars is
not displayed steadily, try to access the
Internet again after waiting for a while.
•Check the following Network settings on
the CLIÉ handheld.
- Is the DNS setting of the Internet Service
Provider set correctly?
- Are the user name and the password set
- Is the telephone number of the access
point set correctly?
- Is the area code not omitted? Even if your
telephone number has the same area
code as the access point, the area code
needs to be entered.
- Is the communication system set
correctly? Check the details of the
respective agreements with your
Telecommunications Company and
Internet Service Provider about the
services you are using, e.g., telephone
circuit type.
- Are the Connection settings correct? If
you use a cellular phone or a modem,
select [Modem], and if you use a LAN
access point, select [Local Network]. (See
page 24)
•Perform bonding again following the
instructions in "Accessing the Internet by
Bluetooth Communications for the First
Time" on page 22.


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