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Troubleshooting - Sony Clie Gear PEGA-MSB1 Operating Instructions Manual

Bluetooth module
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If any problem occurs, for example, if communication is not possible,
or if the unit does not operate normally, please check the points listed
in this troubleshooting guide. For information on the Bluetooth
compatible devices, check our official Sony CLIÉ Web site:
Customers in USA, Canada and Mexico:
Customers in Asia-Pacific Countries:
If the problem persists, contact the Sony dealer where you purchased
this product or a Sony service representative serving your area.
General problems
Communication is not
Connection cannot be
A device discovery
cannot find a Bluetooth
compatible device.
• The Bluetooth communication range may be
exceeded. Decrease the distance between this
Bluetooth Module and the other Bluetooth
compatible device.
• No device may have bonded to the CLIÉ
handheld and the other Bluetooth compatible
device (Bonding may not have been completed
on these devices). Perform bonding again
referring to the instructions on page 16 or 23.
• If you have bonded a Bluetooth compatible
device including a cellular phone to more
than one CLIÉ handheld using this Bluetooth
Module, delete the bonding information on
the device from the device itself and the CLIÉ
• The Bluetooth function may be off on the
part of Bluetooth compatible device. Activate
the Bluetooth communications referring to
the manual or online manual of the device.
• Turn off the power of your CLIÉ handheld,
and then on again. Otherwise, remove this
Bluetooth Module from the CLIÉ handheld,
and insert it again.
• The devices may be placed too close. Increase
the distance between them.
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