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Looking At Information On Other Devices - Sony Clie Gear PEGA-MSB1 Operating Instructions Manual

Bluetooth module
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•Allow Device to be Discovered
CLIÉ handheld becomes detectable as a Bluetooth compatible
device when another Bluetooth compatible device is performing
a device discovery.
If you set this item to [No], the CLIÉ handheld will not respond
to a device discovery.
•Device Address
assigned to each Bluetooth compatible device) of this Bluetooth
Module is displayed.

Looking at Information on Other Devices

You can see information on other Bluetooth compatible devices that
are bonded to your CLIÉ handheld.
Tap the [Preferences] icon on the home screen of your
CLIÉ handheld.
The [Preferences] screen appears.
Tap V in the upper right corner of the screen, and
select [Bluetooth].
The [Bluetooth] screen appears.
: The device address (the number that is
: If you set this item to [Yes], the
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