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Looking At Information; Looking At Information On Bluetooth Communications - Sony Clie Gear PEGA-MSB1 Operating Instructions Manual

Bluetooth module
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Looking at Information

Looking at Information on Bluetooth
You can see Bluetooth related information on your CLIÉ handheld.
Tap the [Preferences] icon on the home screen of your
CLIÉ handheld.
The [Preferences] screen appears.
Tap V in the upper right corner of the screen, and
select [Bluetooth].
The [Bluetooth] screen appears showing the information on
•Bluetooth : If you set this item to [Enabled], your CLIÉ handheld
enters the radio wave standby mode while this Bluetooth
Module is inserted in it. (The blue indicator is on all the time).
If you set this item to [Disabled], Bluetooth communications
become unavailable.
•Device Name : Enter the name of the CLIÉ handheld. The name
is necessary for identification.
To change the name, tap inside the pane. The screen to edit the
name appears, and you can enter a new name.


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