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Accessing The Internet; Accessing The Internet By Bluetooth Communications For The First Time - Sony Clie Gear PEGA-MSB1 Operating Instructions Manual

Bluetooth module
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Accessing the Internet

You can enjoy browsing various homepages or sending/receiving
email using your CLIÉ handheld, via a Bluetooth compatible cellular
phone, modem, or LAN access point.
Accessing the Internet by Bluetooth
Communications for the First Time
When you access the Internet using your CLIÉ handheld via a
Bluetooth compatible cellular phone, modem, or LAN access point for
the first time, you need to set the communication method and bond
the device to your CLIÉ handheld.
The following is the procedure of accessing the Internet by Bluetooth
communications for the first time. From the second time, see
"Accessing the Internet for the Second Time and Thereafter" (page
z What is "bonding"?
To enable Bluetooth communication between this Bluetooth Module and
another Bluetooth compatible device, the device must be identified. This process
is referred to as "bonding," which is necessary to prevent access from
unauthorized Bluetooth compatible devices. A common Passkey is used to bond
the device to this Bluetooth Module.
z What is a Passkey?
A Passkey is a secret code entered by the user to enable two Bluetooth
compatible devices to communicate. When the same alphanumeric string is
entered at both devices, communication becomes possible. The Passkey may be
changed for every communication session as long as the same one is used for
both devices. Once a valid link has been established, communication is possible
without further Passkey input for a preset period of time.
z If the Passkey for a communication device is fixed
The Passkey for some Bluetooth compatible devices is fixed. When you try to
authorize a device of which the Passkey is fixed, you need to confirm what
Passkey is used for the device in advance, and enter that Passkey at your CLIÉ
handheld to enable communication. For details, refer to the manual of the
Bluetooth compatible device you use.


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