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Inserting/Removing This Bluetooth Module - Sony Clie Gear PEGA-MSB1 Operating Instructions Manual

Bluetooth module
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Inserting/Removing this Bluetooth Module

Inserting this Bluetooth Module in your CLIÉ handheld
Insert this Bluetooth Module in the memory stick slot of the CLIÉ
• Insert this Bluetooth Module straight in the memory stick slot of the CLIÉ
• Before performing Bluetooth communications, remove the supplied cover
from this Bluetooth Module. The cover blocks off radio waves, and it may
cause an incorrect operation.
• Do not insert this Bluetooth Module in the wrong way. Forcing it in the wrong
way will damage it and cause a malfunction.
• You may be unable to use this Bluetooth Module when the remaining power
of the battery is extremely little. Before using, charge the battery fully.
• Do not remove this Bluetooth Module from the memory stick slot immediately
after you have inserted it. It will interrupt the initialization of the Bluetooth
Module and may cause a malfunction.
Insert this unit until it clicks.
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