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Installation Instructions; Connection Of The Signal Lines; Some Remarks - Honeywell HON HSV086 Operation & Maintenance Manual

Safety shut-off valves
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3 Installation Instructions

Connection of signal lines
Connect the signal lines of the pressure converters of the safety shut-off valve as
shown in figure 5.
See figure 2 (chapter 2.2), connection B, for connection to the pressure converter.
The signal lines of the pressure converters should have a minimum diameter of
10 mm. Sometimes it is desirable (and in certain countries obligatory) that the vent
opening (see figure 2 (chapter 2.2), connection D) of the diaphragm of the pressure
converter is installed to outside. In this way no gas can get into the installation space
when a diaphragm fractures. The vent pipeline should be no longer than 40 m.

Some remarks

Mind the following when mounting the HON HSV:
 When there is a possibility that filth detach from the pipeline between dust filter and
safety valve, it is advisable to fit a simple wire-mesh filter right before the
HON HSV during the first operational period. This filter may be removed later;
 Mount the safety shut-off device in such a way that the arrow on the valve body
points into the flow direction.
Figure 5: Example with two safety shut-off valves
Figure 6: Example of a safety shut-off valve in dual execution ("one-of-the-two" redundancy).
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