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Safety Guidelines - Dell CT3021 User Manual

Essential charging cart 24 devices


Safety Guidelines

The cart may tip over if transported incorrectly, which could cause injury.
Do not allow children under the age of 16 to move the cart. Only adults should move this cart.
Move the cart slowly.
Apply moving force on the narrow dimension.
Always push using the handles. Push the cart, do not pull it.
Engage the directional lock casters when moving the cart for added stability & safety.
Relocating audio and/or video devices to a cart not specifically designed to
support audio and/or video devices may result in death or serious injury due to the cart
collapsing or overturning onto a child.
Death or serious injury may occur when children climb on a cart. A remote
control or toys placed on the cart may encourage a child to climb on the cart and as a result,
the cart may tip over on to the child.
Electrical cables can be hazardous. Misuse can result in fire or death by electrical shock.
Inspect power cables thoroughly before each use and do not use cables that are damaged.
Insert the plug completely into an earthing type wall outlet.
Do not unplug by pulling on the cable.
Use only Dell power adapters that come with Dell systems with this cart.
Do not plug the power cable into an extension cable or power strip.
Turn power switch off before plugging in device.
Turn power switch off before unplugging the cart.
The earthing type wall outlet must be near the cart and should be easily accessible.
Do not plug the cart in if the switch, receptacle(s), or power cord has been damaged.
Contact Bretford before attempting to make any type of electrical repair or parts replacement.



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