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Sony BDV-HZ970W Operating Instructions Manual Page 84

Blu-ray disc/dvd home theatre system.
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Parental Control
A function of the BD/DVD to limit playback of
the disc by the age of the users according to the
limitation level in each country. The limitation
varies from disc to disc; when it is activated,
playback is completely prohibited, violent
scenes are skipped or replaced with other scenes
and so on.
PhotoTV HD
"PhotoTV HD" allows for highly-detailed
pictures, and photo-like expression of subtle
textures and colors. By connecting Sony
"PhotoTV HD" compatible devices using an
HDMI cable, a whole new world of photos can
be enjoyed in breathtaking Full HD quality. For
instance, the delicate texture of the human skin,
flowers, sand and waves can now be displayed
on a large screen in beautiful photo-like quality.
Pop-up menu
An enhanced menu operation available on BD-
ROMs. The pop-up menu appears when POP
UP/MENU is pressed during playback, and can
be operated while playback is in progress.
Progressive format
(sequential scanning)
In contrast to the Interlace format, the
progressive format can reproduce 50 - 60 frames
per second by reproducing all scanning lines
(525 lines for the NTSC system). The overall
picture quality increases and still images, text
and horizontal lines appear sharper. This format
is compatible with the 525 or 625 progressive
(Sony Audio Interactive Radio
Recent times have seen the rapid spread of BD/
DVD media, digital broadcasting, and other
high-quality media.
To ensure that the subtle nuances of these high-
quality media are transmitted with no
deterioration, Sony has developed a technology
called "S-AIR" for the radio transmission of
digital audio signals with no compression, and
has incorporated this technology into the EZW-
This technology transfers digital audio signals
with no compression using the 2.4 GHz band
range of ISM band (Industrial, Scientific, and
Medical band), such as wireless LANs and
Bluetooth applications.
24p True Cinema
Movies shot with a film camera consist of 24
frames per second.
Since conventional televisions (both CRT and
flat panels) display frames either at 1/60 or 1/50
second intervals, the 24 frames do not appear at
an even pace.
When connected to a TV with 24p capabilities,
the player displays each frame at 1/24 second
intervals — the same interval originally shot
with the film camera, thus faithfully reproducing
the original cinema image.


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