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Aibo Mail; How To Write Aibo Mail; Checking And Retrieving Aibo Mail - Sony ERS-210 AIBO EYES User Manual

Entertainment robot application for ers-210/220 series.
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AIBO MAIL is the e-mail you will send to AIBO, to make it take pictures or send
messages. AIBO MAIL needs to be written along these particular guidelines:

How to write AIBO MAIL

• Use "text format" (not HTML) when creating AIBO MAIL.
• The size of each AIBO MAIL must be less than 10KB per e-mail (no more than
10,000 characters, including the characters in headers.)
To: (owner e-mail address)
Subject: AIBO MAIL
(body text)
PHOTO C1 0 10 (command to AIBO)

Checking and retrieving AIBO MAIL

• With AIBO EYES, AIBO can check up to 200 e-mails on the e-mail server. Please ensure
that your e-mails on the server does not exceed 200.
• AIBO will not perform an AIBO MAIL command if that e-mail has already been opened
and read (deleted) through other means (for example; reading the e-mail through your PC).
AIBO will periodically check the e-mail server.
When there is an AIBO MAIL sent to the
owner's e-mail address, it will perform the
instructed command.
Always use "AIBO MAIL".as subject text.
You can use up to 10 commands per one AIBO
MAIL. When using multiple commands, be
sure to use the "return" key to skip to the next
line and write only one command per line. For
further command details, please refer to the
latter pages of this chapter.
You can enter your signature at the end of the
text, and AIBO MAIL will still function.


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