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Sharp KC-860U User Manual page 25

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Avoid spilling water from the Humidifying Tray.
3. Preparing the descaling solution.
Citric acid, available at some drugstores, or 100% bottled lemon juice are used for descaling. Choose either
one to use, and prepare the descaling solution.
<For using citric acid>
Dissolve 3 teaspoons of citric acid and 2 1/2 cups of lukewarm water in a suitable container, and stir well.
<For using lemon juice>
100% bottled lemon juice can be used for descaling. Use only 100% bottled lemon juice with no pulp (strain
juice if necessary). Combine 1/4 cup lemon juice and 3 cups of lukewarm water in a container large enough to
hold the Humidifying filter and stir well.
4. Pre-soak the Humidifying filter in the solution for 30 minutes before cleaning.
When using lemon juice, it is recommended to presoak longer than citric acid.
5. Rinse the Humidifying filter repeatedly with lukewarm water to remove all the solution residue.
Inadequate rinsing may cause odor and affect the performance and/or appearance of the unit.
* Do not scrub the Humidifying filter, rinse gently under lukewarm water only.
6. Attach the Humidifying filter to the Humidifying Tray, and replace the Humidifying Tray in the unit.
The Humidifying filter will not fit if placed in backwards. Be sure there is no gap between the Humidifying
tray and the unit when the Humidifying Tray is replaced in the unit. The unit may not operate properly if
the Humidifying Tray is not properly replaced in the unit.
When not using the unit for a long period of time, dry the Humidifying filter completely before replacing.
7. Plug in the unit, turn power ON, and press the Filter Reset Button on the display more than 3 seconds
to reset.
You may notice reddish-brown or white deposits forming on the surface of the Humidifying filter. These
impurities (calcium, etc.) are due to the impurities contained in tap water; this is not a defect. Replace the
Humidifying filter when it is covered completely in white deposits.
Filter life will vary depending on the room environment, usage, and location of the unit. If dust or odors persist,
replace the filters. (Refer to "Please read before operating your new Air Purifier")
Guide for filter replacement timing



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