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Care And Maintenance - Sharp KC-860U User Manual

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Dilute detergent according to instructions on the container. Clean difficult-to-reach parts with a cotton swab or
tooth brush.
2. Rinse the Humidifying Tray with lukewarm water.
• Rinse until all detergent residue is removed.
• Inadequate rinsing may cause the detergent odor or changes in the shape/ color of the main unit.
• Use only mild kitchen detergents to clean the Humidifying Tray. Use of non-designated chemicals or detergents
can cause deformation, tarnishing, cracking (water leakage).
If the Styrofoam float comes off, replace by inserting the tabs of the Float into the holes in the Humidifying Tray as
shown in the diagram.


Care Cycle
Once a month or when the Filter Indicator Light is on.
Frequency of maintenance cycle will depend on the hardness or the impurities of the water that you use; the
harder the water the more often descaling will be necessary.
Pay attention not to spill water when cleaning the filter.
1. Remove the Water Tank and Humidifying Tray.
2. Remove the Humidifying filter from the Humidifying Tray.



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