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Unit; Care And Maintenance; Water Tank - Sharp KC-860U User Manual

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When the back panel has stubborn dirt
1. In case of oily dirt, soak the back panel in water with kitchen detergent.
Avoid scrubbing the back panel when washing.
2. Rinse the back panel repeatedly with clean water to remove the solution residue.
3. Drip dry panel to remove excess water.
Remove the sensor filter and tap it lightly over a sink or bin to dislodge dust. If it is very dirty, wash it gently with
lukewarm water. Do not use any detergents or chemicals of any kind to clean the filter. Dry the filter completely
before replacing in the unit. Do not operate unit without all filters properly installed.


Care Cycle
Whenever dust accumulates on the unit or every 2 months
To prevent dirt or stains on the unit, clean regularly. If stains are allowed to remain, they may become difficult to
Wipe with a dry, soft cloth
For stubborn stains or dirt, use a soft cloth dampened with warm water.
Do not use volatile fluids
Benzene, paint thinner, polishing powder, may damage the surface.
Do not use detergents
Detergent ingredients may damage the unit.



Care Cycle
Every day when Humidifying
Rinse the inside of the tank by leaving a small amount of lukewarm water inside, closing the tank cap firmly, and
shaking the tank. Mild household detergents may be used to clean the inside of the tank, but detergent should be
diluted and the tank should be thoroughly rinsed to remove all detergent residue. (Note the Water Tank is not
dishwasher safe.)



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