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Part Names - Sharp KC-860U User Manual

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During the operation of the product, please place the unit at least 6.5ft. (2m) away from equipment utilizing
electrical waves such as televisions, radios or wave clocks.
Avoid a location where the sensor is exposed to direct breeze or draft. The unit may not operate properly.
Avoid use in locations where furniture, fabrics or other items may come in contact with and restrict the air
intake and/or air outlet.
Avoid use in locations where the unit is exposed to condensation or rapid temperature changes. (Use under
appropriate conditions between 41 – 95˚F (5 – 35˚C) in the room.) (If it is unavoidable please allow unit to
stand for 1 hour before switching on.)
Place on a stable surface with sufficient air circulation. When placing the unit on a heavily carpeted area, the
unit may vibrate slightly. Place the unit on an even surface to avoid water leakage from the Water Tank and/or
Humidifying Tray.
Avoid use in locations where grease or oily smoke is generated. (such as in a kitchen, etc.). The unit surface
may crack or the sensor may malfunction as a result.
Place the unit about 1-2 ft. (30 – 60cm) away from the wall in order to ensure proper airflow. The wall directly
behind the air outlet may become dirty over time. When using the unit for an extended period of time in the
same location, periodically clean the wall and protect the wall with a vinyl sheet, etc. to prevent the wall from
becoming dirty.
Follow the instructions in this manual for correct care and maintenance of the filters. Use only filters designed
for this product.





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