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Safety & Precautions - Haier 2U18MS2VHB Service Manual

Ductless multi-split heat pump, outdoor/indoor, wall mount - highwall, 2'x2' compact cassette, 3'x3' large cassette, slim duct, mid-static ducted, medium static ducted, console
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Table of Contents
• Read these Safety Precautions carefully to ensure correct installation.
• This manual classifies the precautions by WARNING and CAUTION.
• Follow all precautions below. They are all important for ensuring safety and preventing property/equipment damage.
WARNING: Failure to follow any of WARNING is likely to result in grave consequences such as death or serious injury.
Failure to follow any of CAUTION may, in some cases, result in grave consequences.
• The following safety symbols are used throughout this manual:
Observe this instruction
• After completing installation, test the unit to check for installation errors. Give the user adequate instructions concerning the
use and cleaning of the unit according to the Operation Manual.
• Installation should be performed by the dealer or another professional.
Improper installation may cause water leakage, electrical shock, or fire.
• Install the heat pump according to the instructions given in this manual.
Incomplete installation may cause water leakage, electrical shock, or fire.
• Use only the supplied or specified installation parts.
Use of other parts may cause the unit to come lose, water leakage, electrical shock, or fire.
• Install the heat pump on a solid base that can support the unit's weight.
An inadequate base or incomplete installation may cause injury in the event the unit falls off the base.
• Electrical work should be carried out in accordance with the installation manual and national/local electrical wiring codes and
rules of practice.
Insufficient capacity or incomplete electrical work may cause electrical shock or fire.
• Use a dedicated power circuit. Never use a power supply shared by another appliance.
• For wiring, use a cable long enough to cover the entire distance with no splices.
Do not use an extension cord. Do not put other loads on the power supply, use a dedicated power circuit.
(Failure to do so may cause abnormal heat, electric shock or fire.)
• Use only the specified wire types for electrical connections between the indoor and outdoor units.
Firmly clamp the interconnecting wires so they receive no external stresses. Incomplete connections or clamping may cause terminal over-
heating or fire.
• After completing interconnecting and supply wiring connections, shape the cables so that they do not put undue force on the
electrical covers or panels.
Install covers over the wires. Incomplete cover installation may cause terminal overheating, electrical shock, or fire.
• If any refrigerant has leaked out during the installation work, ventilate the room.
(The refrigerant produces a toxic gas if exposed to flame.)
• After all installation is complete, check for and repair any system refrigerant leaks.
(The refrigerant produces a toxic gas if exposed to flames.)
•When installing or relocating the system, keep the refrigerant circuit free from substances other than the specified
refrigerant (R410A), such as air.
(The presence of air or other foreign substance in the refrigerant circuit causes an abnormal pressure rise or rupture, resulting in injury.)
• During pump-down, stop the compressor before removing the refrigerant piping.
If the compressor is still running, and the stop valve is open during pump-down, air will be sucked into the system while the compressor is
running. This will cause abnormal pressure and noncondensables added to the system.
• Be sure to establish a ground. Do not ground the unit to a utility pipe, arrester, or telephone earth.
An complete earth may cause electrical shock, or fire. A high surge current from lightning or other sources may
cause damage to the heat pump.
• Do not install the heat pump in a place where there is danger of exposure to flammable gas.
If the gas builds up around the unit, it may catch fire.
• Install drain piping according to the instructions of this manual.
Inadequate piping may cause flooding.
•Tighten the flare nut according to the specified torque using a torque wrench.
If the flare nut is overtightened, the flare nut may eventually crack and cause refrigerant leakage.
• Provide adequate measures to prevent the outdoor unit from being used as a shelter by rodents.
Rodents making contact with electrical parts can cause malfunctions, smoke or fire. Please instruct the customer to keep the area around
the unit clean.
Safety & Precautions
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Establish an earth connection
Never attempt

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Table of Contents

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