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Childproof Lock; Electric Childproof Lock; Environmental Protection And Saving Energy; Disposing Of Packaging - Siemens iQ300 User Manual

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en Childproof lock
So as not to scratch the finish
on the appliance, do not use
sponges with a rough surface or
abrasive cleaning agents.
To prevent corrosion, do not use
sponge cloths on dishwashers
with a stainless steel front or
rinse such cloths thoroughly
several times before using them
for the first time.

Childproof lock

Childproof lock
The childproof lock lets you protect
Childproof lock
children from possible hazards result-
ing from the appliance.
Depending on the features of the ap-
pliance model, the appliance comes
with an electric childproof lock.

Electric childproof lock

The electric childproof lock makes it
more difficult to open the appliance
You can activate or deactivate the
electric childproof lock in the "Basic
settings" → Page 39.
Risk of suffocation!
Children may become trapped in the
appliance and thus suffocate.
Activate the electric childproof lock
and close the appliance door.
→ "Opening appliance door",
Page 37
Depending on the appliance specifications

Environmental protection and saving energy

Environmental protection
and saving energy
Help protect the environment by us-
Environmental protection and saving energy
ing your appliance in a way that con-
serves resources and by disposing of
reusable materials properly.

Disposing of packaging

The packaging materials are environ-
mentally compatible and can be re-
Sort the individual components by
type and dispose of them separ-
Information about current disposal
methods are available from your
specialist dealer or local authority.

Saving energy

If you follow these instructions, your
appliance will use less electricity and
less water.
Use the Eco 50° programme.
The Eco 50° programme is en-
ergy efficient and environmentally
→ "Programmes", Page 18
If you do not have much tableware to
wash, use the additional Half Load
The programme will adjust to a
lower load and consumption will
be reduced.
→ "Additional functions", Page 20