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Alphasmart AS 3000 User Manual: Troubleshooting

Alphasmart as 3000: user guide.
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Chapter 4


This chapter contains information about common Beamer issues.
I want to change a setting, but I don't know the master
See the AlphaSmart Manager User's Guide for information about
changing the master password.
I don't see the Send option on my Beamer screen.
If the device has been set to prohibit beaming, the Send option won't
appear on the beaming screen.
My AlphaSmart device says it can't find a receiving device.
Bring the receiving device closer, make sure the infrared ports are in
alignment, and make sure the receiving device is in the proper mode
to accept a beam. For Palm OS devices, you usually don't have to do
anything. For AlphaSmart devices, you have to set up the device so
that it's ready to receive the beam, as described in "Receiving a
beamed file on an AlphaSmart device" on page 7.
I received an error when I tried to beam a file.
You might receive an error if the transfer process was interrupted.
There are a few reasons why this might happen. For example, the
person receiving the beam might have cancelled the transfer before
the beam was complete. Or, users might have moved the devices
being used, causing the infrared ports to move out of alignment
before the beam was complete.
Try beaming the file again.


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