Introduction - Canon ProStream Series User Manual

Level 1 uptime optimization
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1 Introduction

In order to keep the ProStream Series running at it's best, the day-to-day maintenance, is be covered
by you, a trained operator. Only in case of malfunction or in case of scheduled service-maintenance,
the local service organization is involved.
The actions below are considered to be normal maintenance actions which can be executed by every
trained operator. Additional information can be found in the user guide which is available on:
In order to increase the uptime of the system, it is possible to give an additional training, which
enables you to conduct several maintenance actions which are normally executed by the service
engineer. In addition you can do some checks and execute 'normal' preventive maintenance actions
which might prevent future problems and/or increase the uptime.
This document describes the 'Level 1 Uptime Optimization';program. It can be used by you as a
reference and logbook.
In order to perform the Level 1 Uptime Optimization actions, you need to have some additional
A flashlight
4mm Hex
Screwdriver #2
Vacuum cleaner
It is up to the local organization to arrange these. Also the normal maintenance tools and supplies
are needed:
Cleaning Fluid
Alpha wipes TX1004
Nitrile gloves
In this document, a couple of times we ask you to 'inform service' in case you notice
something during a check. Note that you supposed to inform the service engineer via
the logbook at the rear of this document.
Only submit a service call in case the system is not working according
In case you encounter problems during performing maintenance actions, please add
this in the 'remark' section at the rear of this guide. An engineer will have a look at it
as soon as he is on site.