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Fujitsu AUXG07KVLA Service Manual page 45

3-unit multi-split type
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Table of Contents
1. Precautions
When you start servicing, pay attention to the following points. For detailed precautions, refer to the
installation manual of the products.
• Service personnel
– Any person who is involved with working on or breaking into a refrigerant circuit should hold a
current valid certificate from an industry-accredited assessment authority, which authorizes
their competence to handle refrigerants safely in accordance with an industry recognized as-
sessment specification.
– Servicing shall only be performed as recommended by the equipment manufacturer. Mainte-
nance and repair requiring the assistance of other skilled personnel shall be carried out under
the supervision of the person competent in the use of flammable refrigerants.
– Servicing shall be performed only as recommended by the manufacturer.
• Work
– Prior to beginning work on systems containing flammable refrigerants, safety checks are nec-
essary to ensure that the risk of ignition is minimized. When repairing the refrigerant system,
refer to the precautions written in the installation manual of the products before you start ser-
– Work shall be undertaken under a controlled procedure so as to minimize the risk of a
flammable gas or vapor being present while the work is being performed.
– All maintenance staff and others working in the local area shall be instructed on the nature of
work being carried out.
– Work in confined spaces shall be avoided.
– The area around the workspace shall be sectioned off.
– Ensure that the conditions within the area have been made safe by control of flammable ma-
– Electric shock may occur. After turning off the power, always wait 5 minutes before touching
electrical components.
– Do not touch the fins of the heat exchanger. Touching the heat exchanger fins could result in
damage to the fins or personal injury such as skin rupture.
– Do not place any other electrical products or household belongings under the product.
– Condensation dripping from the product might get them wet, and may cause damage or mal-
function to the property.
• Checking for presence of refrigerant
– The area shall be checked with an appropriate refrigerant detector prior to and during work, to
ensure the technician is aware of potentially flammable atmospheres.
– Ensure that the leak detection equipment being used is suitable for use with flammable refrig-
erants, i.e. non-sparking, adequately sealed or intrinsically safe.
• Service parts information and design are subject to change without notice for product improve-
• For the latest information of the service parts, refer to our Service Portal.
• Precise figure of the service parts listed in this manual may differ from the actual service parts.
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1. Precautions

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Table of Contents

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