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Main Gas Connection Flanged Valves; Warning; Electrical Connection; Wiring - Honeywell VQ400M Series Product Handbook

Class “a” combination valves
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Main gas connection flanged
1. Take care that dirt does not enter the gas
valve during handling.
2. Remove the flanges from the valve.
3. Use a sound taper fitting with thread
according to ISO 7-1 or new, properly
reamed pipe, free from swarf.
4. Apply a moderate amount of good quality
thread compound to the pipe for fitting only;
leaving the two end threads bare, PTFE
tape may be used as an alternative.
5. Screw the flanges onto the pipes.
6. Ensure that inlet and outlet flanges are in
line and separated from each other enough
to allow the valve to be mounted between
them without damaging the gasket.
7. Place gasket. If necessary grease it slightly
to keep it in place.
8. Mount gas valve between flanges using the
bolts for each flange.
9. Complete the electrical connections as
instructed in the electrical connection


Tightness test after installation
Spray all pipe connections and gaskets
with a good quality gas leak detection
Start the appliance and check for bubbles.
If a leak is found in a pipe connection,
remake the joint. A gasket leak can usually
be stopped by tightening the mounting
screws, otherwise, replace the gas valve.

Electrical connection

Switch off power supply before making
electrical connections.
All wiring must comply with local codes,
ordinances and regulations.
Use lead wire which can withstand 105 ° C ambient.
The electric ON/OFF operator is provided with a
terminal block for electrical connections.
Wiring PG11
Small models VQ420M-VQ425M
Remove screws (A).
Take off protective cover lids and gaskets (B).
Take off plugs Pg11 from holes (Figure 5):
(K) and (N) – for connecting separately.
(K), (L) and (M) – for connecting by
common supply from inlet side.
(N), (L) and (M) – for connecting by
common supply from outlet side.
Figure 5 IP54 version closed by plugs
Prepare cables
Remove plastic outside insulation for about
50-75 mm.
Strip wires from plastic insulation for about
Place cable support screw (C), steel ring(D), rubber
ring (E) and guide wires through the hole in the
cover to the connection block (F).
Connect wires between plates by tightening the
particular screws (F1, F2, F3)
Left: Phase
Middle: Earth connection
Right: Neutral
October 2009



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