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Maintenance To Be Carried Out By Qualified Service Personnel; Disposal Information; Disposal Of Appliance At End Of Life; Disposal Of Packing - Electrolux N1130 Series User Manual


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6.7 Maintenance to be carried out by qualified service personnel

Contact qualified service personnel to perform the following maintenance:
After 1600 hours of operation or once a year, whichever comes first:
• Clean the fan, the exhaust duct and the fresh-air intake to the room
• On machines with RMC: Clean the glide surface on the RMC graphite collector
• Clean the area around the drum
• Clean the motors
• Check the belt tension

7 Disposal information

7.1 Disposal of appliance at end of life

Before disposing of the machine, make sure to carefully check its physical condition, and in particular any parts of
the structure that can give or break during scrapping.
The machine's parts must be disposed of in a differentiated way, according to their different characteristics (e.g. met-
als, oils, greases, plastic, rubber, etc.).
Different regulations are in force in the various countries, therefore comply with the provisions of the laws and com-
petent bodies in the country where scrapping takes place.
In general, the appliance must be taken to a specialised collection/scrapping centre.
Dismantle the appliance, grouping the components according to their chemical characteristics, remembering that the
compressor contains lubricant oil and refrigerant fluid which can be recycled, and that the refrigerator and heat pump
components are special waste assimilable with urban waste.
The symbol on the product indicates that this product should not be treated as domestic waste, but must be correctly disposed
of in order to prevent any negative consequences for the environment and human health. For further information on the recy-
cling of this product, contact the local dealer or agent, the Customer Care service or the local body responsible for waste
When scrapping the machine, any marking, this manual and other documents concerning the appliance
must be destroyed.

7.2 Disposal of packing

The packing must be disposed of in compliance with the current regulations in the country where the appliance is
used. All the packing materials are environmentally friendly.
They can be safely kept, recycled or burned in an appropriate waste incineration plant. Recyclable plastic parts are
marked as following examples.
• Outer wrapping
• Instructions bag
• Straps
Polystyrene foam:
• Corner protectors
User manual

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents