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Maintenance; General; Time For Maintenance; Every Day - Electrolux N1130 Series User Manual


Table of Contents

6 Maintenance

6.1 General

It is the responsibility of the owner of the machine/the laundry manager to make sure that maintenance is periodically
Lack of maintenance may deteriorate the performance of the machine and may cause damage to

6.2 Time for maintenance

When the display is showing the message TIME FOR MAINTENANCE — contact the owner of the machine/the laundry
manager to perform maintenance (if available, a telephone number and/or a tag will also be displayed).
The machine can be used meanwhile. However, the message will keep coming back until the service is performed.
The message will disappear after about 30 seconds or if the control knob or any button is pressed.

6.3 Every day

Check that the machine does not operate with the door or filter door open, if so, the machine must be placed out of
order until repairs are made.
Contact qualified service personnel to disconnect power from the affected machine.
Clean the door, door gasket and other external parts.
Check that the filter is clean and unbroken. Clean or replace if necessary.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents