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Installation Requirements; Tools And Parts; Location Requirements - Whirlpool  GXW6530DXS Installation Instructions And Use & Care Manual

30" (76.2 cm) and 36" (91.4 cm) wall-mount canopy range hood
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Tools and Parts

Gather the required tools and parts before starting installation.
Read and follow the instructions provided with any tools listed
Tools needed
Drill with 1¼" (3.0 cm),
drill bits
Wire stripper or utility knife
Tape measure or ruler
Caulking gun and weatherproof caulking compound
Vent clamps
Jigsaw or keyhole saw
Flat-blade screwdriver
Metal snips
Phillips screwdriver
Metric hex key set
Parts needed
Home power supply cable
½" (12.7 mm) UL listed or CSA approved strain relief
3 UL listed wire connectors
For vented installations, you will also need:
1 wall or roof cap
Metal vent system
For non-vented (recirculating) installations, you will also
Recirculation Kit Part Number W10294733 for non-vented
(recirculating) installations only. See "Assistance or Service"
section to order.
6" (15.2 cm) dia. round metal vent duct - length required is
determined by ceiling height.
Parts supplied
Remove parts from packages. Check that all parts are included.
Hood canopy assembly with blower, vent transition, light bulb
and canopy glass already installed
Metal grease filter
Vent cover support bracket
Mounting template
2-piece vent cover
4 - 4 x 8 screws
6 - 5 x 45 mm mounting screws
2 - 8 x 40 mm wall anchors
4 - 10 x 50 mm wall anchors
T10 Torx
†®TORX and T20 are registered trademarks of Saturn Fasteners, Inc.


" (3.2 mm), and
" (7.9 mm)

Location Requirements

IMPORTANT: Observe all governing codes and ordinances.
Have a qualified technician install the range hood. It is the
installer's responsibility to comply with installation clearances
specified on the model/serial rating plate. The model/serial rating
plate is located behind the left filter on the rear wall of the vent
Canopy hood location should be away from strong draft areas,
such as windows, doors and strong heating vents.
Cabinet opening dimensions that are shown must be used. Given
dimensions provide minimum clearance.
Grounded electrical outlet is required. See "Electrical
Requirements" section.
The canopy hood is factory set for venting through the roof or
wall. For non-vented (recirculating) Installation see "For non-
vented (recirculating) installation only" in the "Connect Vent
System" section. Recirculation Kit Part Number W10294733 is
available from your dealer or an authorized parts distributor.
All openings in ceiling and wall where canopy hood will be
installed must be sealed.
For Mobile Home Installations
The installation of this range hood must conform to the
Manufactured Home Construction Safety Standards, Title 24
CFR, Part 328 (formerly the Federal Standard for Mobile Home
Construction and Safety, Title 24, HUD, Part 280) or when such
standard is not applicable, the standard for Manufactured Home
Installation 1982 (Manufactured Home Sites, Communities and
Setups) ANSI A225.1/NFPA 501A, or latest edition, or with local
Product Dimensions
10 "
(27.6 cm)
(50.8 cm)
(33.5 cm)
30" (76.2 cm) or
36" (91.4 cm)



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