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Navigate Your User Interface - Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Gen 1 Chromebook User Manual

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Log in with your fingerprint
Maintain the fingerprint reader
To ensure that the fingerprint reader works correctly, do not:
• Scratch the surface of the reader with anything hard.
• Use or touch the reader with a wet, dirty, wrinkled, or injured finger.

Navigate your user interface

1. Search box and the app
2. Launcher button
3. Shelf
4. System tray
• Type the name of your device, app, or Web page in the search box.
• Click any app shown in the app Launcher to open the app quickly.
Open the search box and the app Launcher.
Pin your frequently used apps or Web pages to the shelf for easy access.
Manage network connections, updates, and settings. By default, network
connection status, battery status, and the time are displayed.
Chapter 2
Explore your Chromebook